The first ЗD printed building has opened in Dubai

Dubai has opened the first operating 3D printed office. The printer used a special cement for the office, the reliability of which was tested in China and Britain according to Reuters.  It only took 17 days to print and 2 days to install the construction. In terms of employees, only 1 person was checking the […]

ToTok messenger marked as a spy tool removed from the App Store

ToTok messenger, downloaded more than 2 million times, has been removed from the App Store and Google Play. An application is believed to collect data from its users and employ it for the sake of cybercriminal activity. A popular app ToTok gathered momentum a few months ago, when users started downloading it to call their […]

Scamming attacks on “11.11”

11.11 is known to be a shopping sale with discounts up to 70% or even 90%. As a huge amount of people are trying to get the best deal, cybercriminals don’t waste their time as well. Phishing and scamming go hand in hand with every Single’s Day on November 11. Where does it come from? […]