Scamming attacks on “11.11”

11.11 is known to be a shopping sale with discounts up to 70% or even 90%. As a huge amount of people are trying to get the best deal, cybercriminals don’t waste their time as well. Phishing and scamming go hand in hand with every Single’s Day on November 11.

Where does it come from?

It all started in China 1993, when Nanjing University single students decided to appreciate those, who were single. The “Double 11” reminds about singularity and was chosen as a celebration time. The Single’s Day has become a time when you can treat yourself and buy the most desired things. In 2009 Alibaba group has launched a marketing campaign by offering special deals and unbelievable discounts on 11.11. 

How are the sales ?

Every year becomes like no other. The sales break records from the previous year. According to 2019, just in one hour after the extravaganza has started, Alibaba sold 12$ billion worst of goods. People find their baskets empty, because the goods were sold out within a few seconds. Except for Alibaba, other brands are capitalizing on “Double 11” as well. Sephora, 6th Street, Noon and other brands getting high sale rates on 11.11.

 Be careful with the transactions you make

Every year fraudulent activity increases on The Single’s Day. Financial phishing attacks has reached 950,000 on November 11, 2018. Spammers are finding their way to benefit from discounts and sales excitement. Customers getting bank notifications that the purchase was successfully made while the customer didn’t buy anything. To get the most from shopping on “Double 11”, you should simply follow cybersecurity rules, let’s take a closer look at them.

  • When you get an email with a redirection link, double-check the address link before clicking;
  • Use a solution which prevents you from visiting scammed web pages and notifies you if the connection is not safe;
  • Use different passwords for each website with a strong capacity to make it impossible to hack your online banking or any personal information you enter.

Hello VPN’s team wishes you to get the best offers on “Double 11” and stay secure on the Web

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