World of 5G in the United Arab Emirates

A new world of 5G or fifth generation that is coming after 3G and 4G is expected to be promising. Technologies that will bring much higher speeds, 5G cell coverage and trustworthiness. What opportunities will it bring? How will 5G evolve life in the United Arab Emirates?

5G and ZTE Axon 10 Pro

The United Arab Emirates has become the first country in the Middle East to step into 5G services. Earlier this year a telecom giant Etisalat started cooperation with Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE to provide 5G services. It’s practical and easy to use. Moreover, 5G modem is expected to bring to the United Arab Emirates’ residents 1Gbps network speeds that are 20 times faster than 4G. ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM will be available for 899 euros.

How exactly will 5G operate in the UAE?

It’s believed that 5G network with 5G devices will bring the highest mobile broadband speeds and will upgrade connectivity experience. Customers will enjoy watching movies at home and on the go 20 times faster than before. Downloading HD resolution movies will take up to 40 seconds. 5G is expected to open new horizons in terms of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

It will be a breakthrough for the Internet of Things technologies, Artificial Intelligence and machine-to-machine communication, that require fast speeds. In addition to that, self-driven cars are expected to perform great results with 5G sensors. The cars are being taught to track the pedestrian crossing the street and to recognize any kind of obstacles on its way. Driverless vehicles show good speed results at reaching the destination point as well.

UAE’s digital revolution 

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned, it’s obvious the United Arab Emirates is determined to keep on the path and 5G is a milestone for the future development of the country.  5G innovations will take connectivity experience to a new level. The potential of 5G network will enable making voice and video calls much faster. Unfortunately, it’s still unclear whether the government will unblock Whatsapp and FB messenger voice and video calls feature. That’s why no matter how far the technology has gone, we still need a secure VPN provider. We recommend Hello VPN, because it allows you to make voice and video calls overseas, so you stay connected with your family. It connects fast, changes your IP and the conversations stay encrypted.

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Let’s conclude

It’s even hard to imagine how our lives will be, if the implementation of 5G will even affect household devices. It is believed that wireless devices are going to be connected to cloud-technology. Self-driven cars, that can communicate with each other and many more is expecting us. Let’s stay tuned and keep posted on the 5G further implementation!

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