The first ЗD printed building has opened in Dubai

Dubai has opened the first operating 3D printed office. The printer used a special cement for the office, the reliability of which was tested in China and Britain according to Reuters

It only took 17 days to print and 2 days to install the construction. In terms of employees, only 1 person was checking the process and 7 workers were dealing with the installation. As a result, printer with the measurements of 6m (height), 36m (length) and 12m (width) was able to create the first printed office with minimal costs and minimum time spent.

3D- printed building in Dubai
Image Credit: Apis Cor

 The building itself covers 250 square meters and will be used as a museum, showing innovative designs of the future. The project is an achievement of Dubai and China’s ( WinSun Global) cooperation. 

The new 3D printed buildings are expected to decrease the building time by 50-70% and labor costs by 50-80% according to Reuters. The labor cost is a key point because The United Arab Emirates’s workforce is 90% made up of migrants. 

According to Dubai 3D printing strategy, Dubai is planning to have 25% of all the buildings constructed with 3D printer by 2030.

3D- printed building in Dubai
Image Credit: Apis Cor

The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Cabinet Affairs and The Future Mohammad bin Abdullah Al Gergawi  and other officials.

ToTok messenger marked as a spy tool removed from the App Store

ToTok messenger, downloaded more than 2 million times, has been removed from the App Store and Google Play. An application is believed to collect data from its users and employ it for the sake of cybercriminal activity.

ToTok was removed from the App Store and Google Play. The tool is said to be  a spyware, that tracks user's activity.

A popular app

ToTok gathered momentum a few months ago, when users started downloading it to call their family and friends.  The app became extremely popular in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, downloads were spotted from people living in the Middle East, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. A decision to remove ToTok was made after American authorities announced the app to be a spying tool to track user’s activity. 

ToTok company is said to be most likely connected to cybersecurity firm DarkMatter in Abu Dhabi. But despite all allegations, ToTok co-founders published a note on their official page, claiming not being involved in any of the abovementioned. 

In addition, the developers believe the removal to be a temporary measure and the app to be restored soon. Those who have downloaded ToTok can still use the app but assuming the risks of data leaking, Hello VPN does not recommend to risk the private information you share. 

ToTok was removed from the App Store and Google Play. The tool is said to be  a spyware, that tracks user's activity.

Safe calls via VPN provider

Using Hello VPN you can call your family and friends whenever you want. In particular from the United Arab Emirates, where WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other apps are partly banned. We offer a high level of security, and we don’t collect your data. Besides, Hello VPN does not interrupt your connection: you can make voice and video calls with no worries.

WhatsApp self-destructing messages feature

WhatsApp has been testing a new feature of self-destructing messages, which is aimed to protect user’s sensitive information. The self-destructing feature was first spotted by WABetaInfo. The resource claims, the feature appeared in the 2.19.275. version and is not available for everyone.


How does it work

The self-destructing feature is currently under development and expected to be useful for protection user’s media and text content. So how will it work? The  message, entitled to be destructed, will disappear from the chat after a certain period of time. It might be 5 seconds or an hour. The only condition is for the disappearing function to be enabled.

A self-destructing feature might be very helpful for those who share sensitive information with their business partners and family members. The message does not leave any trace after disappearing.

WhatsApp messages

Telegram has got a self-destructing feature already. The user has to create a secret chat, invite someone and set the timer for the messages to disappear. It provides end-to-end encryption and does not allow forwarding.

It’s still unclear when the feature will be released by WhatsApp but we are looking forward to informing you about any updates. 

And don’t forget about cyber hygiene, all you need to know is here.

Scamming attacks on “11.11”

11.11 is known to be a shopping sale with discounts up to 70% or even 90%. As a huge amount of people are trying to get the best deal, cybercriminals don’t waste their time as well. Phishing and scamming go hand in hand with every Single’s Day on November 11.

Where does it come from?

It all started in China 1993, when Nanjing University single students decided to appreciate those, who were single. The “Double 11” reminds about singularity and was chosen as a celebration time. The Single’s Day has become a time when you can treat yourself and buy the most desired things. In 2009 Alibaba group has launched a marketing campaign by offering special deals and unbelievable discounts on 11.11. 

How are the sales ?

Every year becomes like no other. The sales break records from the previous year. According to 2019, just in one hour after the extravaganza has started, Alibaba sold 12$ billion worst of goods. People find their baskets empty, because the goods were sold out within a few seconds. Except for Alibaba, other brands are capitalizing on “Double 11” as well. Sephora, 6th Street, Noon and other brands getting high sale rates on 11.11.

 Be careful with the transactions you make

Every year fraudulent activity increases on The Single’s Day. Financial phishing attacks has reached 950,000 on November 11, 2018. Spammers are finding their way to benefit from discounts and sales excitement. Customers getting bank notifications that the purchase was successfully made while the customer didn’t buy anything. To get the most from shopping on “Double 11”, you should simply follow cybersecurity rules, let’s take a closer look at them.

  • When you get an email with a redirection link, double-check the address link before clicking;
  • Use a solution which prevents you from visiting scammed web pages and notifies you if the connection is not safe;
  • Use different passwords for each website with a strong capacity to make it impossible to hack your online banking or any personal information you enter.

Hello VPN’s team wishes you to get the best offers on “Double 11” and stay secure on the Web

Will VPN unblock Snapchat app for me?

After Snapchat’s voice and video calls feature was blocked in the United Arab Emirates, there are more and more requests whether VPN can unblock Snapchat or not. It definitely can! And now we will tell you how.


Snapchat is one of the most popular social apps in the world. You can create your virtual self (with the help of Bitmoji), watch and add 10-second videos, add friends, communicate and make voice and video calls. Snapchat was founded by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown in 2011 when they were students at Stanford. The revenue of Snap Inc is 446.2 million in 2019 (third quarter) and it’s still growing. 

Snapchat’s VoIP feature is blocked in the UAE

Unfortunately, Snapchat joined What’sApp, FB Messenger and Facetime’s list with blocked VoIP feature. The TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) in the United Arab Emirates stated that VoIP can only be provided by local telecom giants: Du and Etisalat.

VPN client is a solution to any blocked content

The good news is, there is a way to bypass any restrictions with VPN solution. Hello VPN unblocks Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype and other apps’ feature to make VoIP calls anywhere in the world. VPN coverage makes  your communication safe and encrypted.

The reason behind the UAE’s ban on social apps like Skype, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other programs with VoIP features is simple. Local internet providers, telecom companies don’t get any revenue from a free app with calling feature. That’s why it’s uncertain when the apps’ VoIP service might be unblocked. That’s why VPN provider is a good solution to unlock the apps you use. Make calls from wherever you want and forget about any existing restrictions!

Top 5 things to know about before visiting the UAE

It’s no wonder, before visiting  a new country, we are likely to learn as much as we can about our place of destination both for curiosity and security reasons. Hello VPN has prepared  5 things to know about before arriving in the United Arab Emirates.

1. Outfit to wear

Vacation in Dubai is one of the most desirable destinations for tourists all over the globe. Despite the UAE is a Muslim country, tourists don’t have to wear hijab or cover their hair. More than that, you can swim in a bikini, there are no restrictions about that. But you might need to cover yourself (shoulders and belly) in shopping malls. Air conditioners are everywhere, so cover yourself not to get cold and not to attract extra attention.

2. The Arab Emirates’s life is expensive

If you compare Dubai to the rest of the world, it is often described as a playground for millionaires. But despite being an expensive destination, tourists are ready to pay the price. Having dinner for two in an Italian restaurant (expat area) will cost 328 Dirham (90 USD), tickets to the movies for two are going to be 84 Dirham (23 USD). The taxi fare for Start Tariff starts at 12 Dirham (3,30 USD) and 2 Km of distance costs 2 Dirham (0,54 USD) according to Numbeo. If you want to go shopping, the pair of jeans costs around 225 AED (62 USD), dress from ZARA, H&M 220 AED (60 USD) according to Numbeo

3. Times to visit the Middle East Pearl

The best season to visit the United Arab Emirates is November-March. Although, December-February are considered to be the most crowded season for visiting the country, the air temperature is the most comfortable exactly in these months. From June till August the temperature gets extremely hot, so it becomes impossible to stay outside or sightseeing for a long time. 

4. Population diversity

The United Arab Emirates are known for their majestic landscapes, highest skyscrapers and high nationalities-diversity. According to  UN data, 88% of all population is coming from other countries. Most expats are coming for work and career opportunities. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the two emirates, that are most welcoming for citizens from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines and other countries. A big variety of population makes life, cuisine, language experience rich for current residents and tourists as well. You can have a food tour, try Afghan food today, taste Filipino delicacy tomorrow.

5. UAE restrictions

Communicating with your family might be complicated via WhatsApp, FB messenger or Skype. Those apps are not functioning at full capacity in the UAE due to the local legislation. Voice and Video calls are not going to be placed if you don’t use a secure VPN coverage. Be sure to install one before you get going. We recommend Hello VPN, it unblocks the apps you need so you can stay in touch with your loved ones while traveling.

Hello VPN wishes you to have a delightful vacation and don’t forget about your security!

Middle East Game conference 2019

Middle East Game conference 2019, that is happening for the third time in Abu Dhabi will be held 24-26 October. This year a big game event is expected to be full of surprises and new tech game advancements. 

What is it about?

Within 24-26 October game-lovers would be lucky to play the games, that have not yet been released. A huge event that brings together gaming community gives a chance to participate, get new gaming experience and even has educational purposes.
Middle East Game conference gives an opportunity to launch a new product to the market, raise your sales, meet with potential clients and expand your brand to the new level.

How much?

A single-day pass to the conference is available for 32 USD;  festival pass 86 USD; pro-gamer VIP pass 136 USD. Champion gamer VIP pass and ultimate gamer VIP pass are also presented in the list. If you want to participate in the event with your family, there are family single day pass (4 tickets for the price of 3) and family festival pass. 

While looking forward for the Middle East special event, don’t forget about your privacy. If you want to access services as if you are home, it’s advised to use VPN. Hello VPN works in UAE restrictions. During the event you can share your impressions via online mode with friends  who live overseas and cannot participate in the conference. Hello VPN gives you a chance to make voice and video calls anywhere you need.

That’s it for today! Let’s look forward for this tremendous event and follow  the latest tech news!

World of 5G in the United Arab Emirates

A new world of 5G or fifth generation that is coming after 3G and 4G is expected to be promising. Technologies that will bring much higher speeds, 5G cell coverage and trustworthiness. What opportunities will it bring? How will 5G evolve life in the United Arab Emirates?

5G and ZTE Axon 10 Pro

The United Arab Emirates has become the first country in the Middle East to step into 5G services. Earlier this year a telecom giant Etisalat started cooperation with Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE to provide 5G services. It’s practical and easy to use. Moreover, 5G modem is expected to bring to the United Arab Emirates’ residents 1Gbps network speeds that are 20 times faster than 4G. ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM will be available for 899 euros.

How exactly will 5G operate in the UAE?

It’s believed that 5G network with 5G devices will bring the highest mobile broadband speeds and will upgrade connectivity experience. Customers will enjoy watching movies at home and on the go 20 times faster than before. Downloading HD resolution movies will take up to 40 seconds. 5G is expected to open new horizons in terms of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

It will be a breakthrough for the Internet of Things technologies, Artificial Intelligence and machine-to-machine communication, that require fast speeds. In addition to that, self-driven cars are expected to perform great results with 5G sensors. The cars are being taught to track the pedestrian crossing the street and to recognize any kind of obstacles on its way. Driverless vehicles show good speed results at reaching the destination point as well.

UAE’s digital revolution 

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned, it’s obvious the United Arab Emirates is determined to keep on the path and 5G is a milestone for the future development of the country.  5G innovations will take connectivity experience to a new level. The potential of 5G network will enable making voice and video calls much faster. Unfortunately, it’s still unclear whether the government will unblock Whatsapp and FB messenger voice and video calls feature. That’s why no matter how far the technology has gone, we still need a secure VPN provider. We recommend Hello VPN, because it allows you to make voice and video calls overseas, so you stay connected with your family. It connects fast, changes your IP and the conversations stay encrypted.

 Icon made by Freepik from

Let’s conclude

It’s even hard to imagine how our lives will be, if the implementation of 5G will even affect household devices. It is believed that wireless devices are going to be connected to cloud-technology. Self-driven cars, that can communicate with each other and many more is expecting us. Let’s stay tuned and keep posted on the 5G further implementation!

Whatsapp and FB messenger calls via secure VPN client

In a fast-moving world, with its technological innovations we have become linked to social apps. By using them, we make calls; exchange news; share personal content; do business and complete our everyday tasks. What to do if you cannot use the apps like Whatsapp and Facebook messenger at full capacity? How to unblock free calls with VPN client? And how secure is using VPN at all? Let’s find out!

Communication via messaging apps

Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are the most popular messaging applications that allow you to make calls, exchange messages, share photo and video content globally. According to statistics Whatsapp has 1.6 billion users from 180 countries, while FB messenger has 1.3. These numbers demonstrate that people communicate via messaging apps every day and it has become a significant part of their lives. What is more, these apps are prevailing when traveling abroad to make voice and video calls. But there are countries in which Whatsapp and Facebook messenger calls are not allowed according to local legislation. 

When Whatsapp and FB messenger calls are not placed

According to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger’s function to make voice and video calls in UAE is disabled. The same story happens with other Gulf countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc. That’s why if you live, work or just traveling lets say to Dubai, you will face troubles calling home. 

According to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger’s function to make voice and video calls in UAE is disabled. The same story happens with other Gulf countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc. That’s why if you live, work or just traveling lets say to Dubai, you will face troubles calling home. 

Reasons for restriction

There are several reasons for the United Arab Emirates to place restrictions on most social media applications. The first reason is the promotion of the UAE’s local telecommunication companies (Du and Etisalat). By using regular calls residents invest in the country’s revenue, which at the same time improves the economy. More than that, The UAE is known for providing a shield for many nationalities. So by calling their families, expats are investing to the budget as well. 

Another reason to lift the ban is a security concern. The government’s authority believes it’s too early to provide end-to-end encryption calling feature. In the United Arab Emirates security is a matter of utmost importance. That is why the country fears Whatsapp, FB messenger and other apps’ feature to make encrypted calls  might be used in a way to perform hacking, phishing or terrorist actions.  

Unblock  VoIP calls via secure VPN client  

As far as the UAE’s government considers it’s dangerous to allow Voice over Internet Protocol services, calling your family might be a challenge. In order to keep in touch with your loved ones and use Whatsapp, FB messenger, Skype and other apps, you need a secure VPN client. Hello VPN unblocks all the applications and ensures your absolute security on the Web. Connecting via virtual private network changes your IP and encrypts your traffic. In other words, if you use VPN provider, prying on your private information is excluded. 


The UAE’s harsh Internet restrictions are not likely to be moderated any soon. Until then performing voice and video calls via Internet is only possible with VPN. You should know, that not all VPN providers work in The United Arab Emirates and many of VPNs are blocked. We also don’t recommend you use free VPN services, because they can sell your data to other companies for the sake of revenue. Hello VPN is the best provider so far. It has got a wide range of available services to connect to, so the network is never overloaded. It doesn’t interrupt your connection, wherefore you can make quality calls to any part of the world.